• Traceability – the system enables tracking any primary document in the company (its source, documents generated from it, the modules it was used in, etc.), as well as the persons who work and perform changes in the database.  
  • Interoperability – the solution integrates the entire activity of a company into a consistent system with a unique database.
  • Flexibility - the system is tailored for the activity of companies in all business fields thanks to its specific, flexible and quickly configurable extensions (retail, leasing, contracts, installments, credits, insurance, manufacturing, service, vehicle fleet, fleet management, human resources and payroll, etc.)
  • Modularity - the package structure is modular, and each aspect of a company's business is treated in a specific and adequate manner.
  • Scalability and reliability – one can start from a minimum configuration and the additional modules can be added afterwards. Additionally, the software package does not need transformations in case of essential modifications in size and complexity of the company.
  • Security – the system ensures a high level of security, the user rights or restrictions reaching the level of the fields in the database.
  • High configurability regarding the transactions, accounting methods, specific reports, charts of accounts, cost centers.
  • Adaptability – although initially developed for the Romanian market, the system is successfully implemented in companies in Poland, Serbia, Albania, Turkey, Greece, adapting to the business environment and to the law specific to these countries.
  • Reporting – the system ensures the projection of the entire business in sets of standard documents - reports enforced by the law, specific reports, documents stipulated by the internal procedures - thus eliminating the inconsistencies and redundancies
  • Archiving data – the system ensures a completely configurable data archiving method with the purpose of increasing the efficiency in using the hard-disk space simultaneously with achieving an increased work speed.
  • Compliance with the organizational objectives - real-time control, business optimization and efficiency increase, decisional support.
  • Focus on processes, document flows and events.


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