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Once the business volume increases, any organization begins to face a series of new challenges such as tracking the assignments, quantities, sites, maintenance or depreciation of the fixed assets.  Whether they are managed by inventory numbers or barcodes, the permanent and correct tracking of the company's assets is an important activity that shows how many fixed assets the company has, their locations, the responsible for them, the last check, their maintenance schedule, as well as their costs and depreciation. This module is part of Charisma ERP core.

Some of the customers who use Asset Management module from Charisma ERP

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the expenses
Thanks to the centralization of all the information regarding fixed assets into a single basic database, the system prevents losses or "wanderings" of the fixed assets and significantly improves the maintenance of the company's assets. Furthermore, the system reduces the purchasing rate of new or useless equipment by correctly managing the fixed assets available in certain sites and not used in various operations.

Reduces the volume of time consuming tasks
Thanks to the quick access to information based on access rules in accordance with internal security policy of the company the qualified staff can get immediate updates of the company's assets value, but also other relevant information preset in the system and shown based on complete, perfectly customizable reports. Additionally, the Asset Management software calculates with a better precision the depreciation rates and expenses based on the depreciation plans, reducing human errors.


  • Manages the fixed assets by storing data regarding to:
    • Owned tangible fixed assets based on the fixed asset sheet (that includes all the information related to recording into inventory and its evolution across time);
    • Tangible fixed assets within the company under financial or operational leasing contracts;
    • Intangible fixed assets (licenses, programs, etc.);
    • Monthly and cumulated depreciations;
  • All changes in logistics, value, depreciation method of the fixed assets, as well as technical, localization and accounting allocation features;
  • Includes class definitions for fixed assets groups for determining common features;
  • Allows multiple depreciation systems that vary by type, duration, currency, application method (linear, accelerated, declining, declining with tear and wear, decrease of 20%, etc.) bringing the advantage of parallel tracking of multiple depreciation plans defined by totally different structures;
  • Allows structure changes, increases/decreases of value, site, cost center;
  • Allows different re-assessments requested by law or based on the company's policies;
  • Tracks the history of changes performed on fixed assets in the entire activity, during the lifecycle of the fixed asset;
  • Provides all legal reports and a wide range of usual reports, such as depreciation journals, list of inventory numbers, etc.;
  • Includes the Fixed Assets Registry – tracking the assets for any important business entity;
  • It is natively integrated with the basic modules in Charisma ERP suite: Treasury, Sales, Purchasing, Budget Management, Inventory Management, Foreign Trade, Insurance and Financing Contracts Management.


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