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Additional Modules

Financial Leasing Software | Charisma ERP

Financial Leasing

Financial Leasing software module is a software product especially designed to optimize and facilitate the financial contract and leasing operation management. The solution covers the entire internal flow of the financial services companies, from preparing the contracts with potential customers to concluding the signed contract, being compliant with any law or financing package, any reporting type of customer debts or IFRS regulations, any language or business flow.

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Operational Leasing Software | Charisma ERP

Operational Leasing

Operational Leasing module is a flexible solution, dedicated to the companies providing operational leasing financial services, optimizing all the operations related to the fleets leased for determined periods. With over 80% market share, Charisma is the recognized leader of the operational leasing field, this solution being used by the most powerful operational leasing companies.

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Web Leasing - Software leasing online | Charisma ERP

Web Leasing

The Web Leasing Module moitors and administrates the processes involved in the the web leasing activity deployment. This module includes three level: front office, buffer and back office.The front office application allows the visualization of the leasing offer and the possibility to send a credit request for a certain financial offer. The decisional engine is also available within the front office application, thus allowing a rapid validation of the financing request.

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Refinancing software module | Charisma ERP


Refinancing module is a software solution designed for optimizing and facilitating the operations with the financing contracts for internal operations or leasing contracts, thus enhancing the management of loans from shareholders or bank credits. The system consistently manages all the financing and refinancing lines, providing a consistent, transparent view for the company's management.

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Financial Wholesale Software - Charisma ERP

Financial Wholesale

Financial Wholesale software efficiently monitors and manages the wholesale contracts signed with the dealers or entered between two third parties with the purpose of selling goods in big quantities under the terms of profitable financing offered by the company. The solution enables calculating the interests and taxes related to the contracts and keeps the history of all changes during the life cycle of the wholesale contracts.

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Factoring Software Module - Charisma ERP


Factoring software brings the benefit integrating the management of the financing factoring contracts, while improving the customer portfolio and increasing the company's profitability. The solution flexibly manages credit lines, valid financial products, risk categories for customer scoring, but also mechanisms for calculating interests or discounts.

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Insurance software module | Charisma ERP


Insurance module is an end-to-end robust software product that optimizes the management of patrimony, financial, civil liability or personal risks. The solution provides an integrated set of tools intended to track the insurance contracts and policies of any kind (assets, financial risks, Casco, etc.) signed between the company or the beneficiary of the asset and any insurance company (Insurer).

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Fleet Management Software | Charisma ERP

Fleet Management

Fleet Management software increases the efficiency of the vehicle park management, significantly reducing the operational costs and ensuring their good operation. The solution automates the calculation of driver costs and work routes, optimizing the vehicle park and significantly contributing to the increase of the company's profitability.

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Credit application software | Charisma ERP


Credits module is a product dedicated to managing and optimizing the consumer credits, mortgage credits or credit cards granted both directly to individuals and to companies for financing the equipment or for the business development in various areas. The solution covers the entire operational and financial flow of granting credits, significantly contributing to the increase of credit process and the reduction of bureaucracy and the operational costs.

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Web credit application software | Charisma ERP

Web Credits

The Web Credits Module is an online application dedicated to managing real-time for credit applications, regardless of their type (consumer, mortgage or credit cards) in order to grant them both to individuals directly, as well as to companies for equipment financing or business development in various fields.

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Risk Assesment Software - Charisma ERP

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a service seamlessly integrated with Charisma ERP, providing instant access to financial and non-financial data about current or potential business partners.

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Retail Software Module - Charisma ERP


Charisma Retail software is the most complex and popular POS (Point of Sale) solution in Romania, especially because of the flexibility in rapidly covering each operational requirement of a point of sale. The solution allows product sales optimization through different means (cash or/and credit card/gift vouchers/value tickets by EFT POS), being intended to facilitate the management of the sales documents and financial instruments occurring in the direct relationship between the store and the end consumer.

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Cell Monitor Reporting Software - Charisma ERP

Cell Monitor

Charisma Cell Monitor is the graphic, user-friendly and updated view of your organization. Without needing user intervention, the company's performance or operational indicators change their values per second, according to their actual progress and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, via any type of mobile device with Internet access. Including via iPad.

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Stock Replenishment Software | Charisma ERP

Stock Replenishment

Stock Replenishment module increases the efficiency and optimizes the stock preparation process for any type of organization for future, anticipated and automatically calculated sales. Based on the history of turnovers and demand from customers, but also on the logical constraints of the company, the stock is permanently replenished through schedules and orders to providers or by moving the goods from the central warehouse to branches, without the traditional manual intervention and effort.

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Warehoue Management System (WMS) Software | Charisma ERP

WMS (Warehouse Management)

Charisma Warehouse Management is an advanced solution for the optimization of stocks in the warehouses. The product enables increasing the efficiency of good and product flows, their receiving into inventory, the geometrical and logical structures of the storage areas, processing and logistics locating the packages, as well as the best selection and delivery of packages to end customers. Charisma Warehouse Management is perfectly adapted to the distribution and retail companies, regardless their size or complexity.

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Material Requirment Planning (MRP) Software | Charisma ERP


Charisma MRP (Material Requirement Planning) is a product absolutely necessary for the processes specific to the manufacturing companies, by automating and optimizing the purchase planning and inventory management. Based on the history of the purchasing process, the inventory is permanently replenished through recommendations, schedules and customer orders, through reservations or reassignment of goods from headquarters to the subsidiaries, all in a simple and quick manner, without useless manual efforts.

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Manufacturing software module | Charisma ERP


Charisma Manufacturing is a product dedicated to companies producing materials, end products and unfinished goods, regardless of their type. Covering all the manufacturing steps, from the technological release and pre-calculation, tracking the production, to post-calculation, the module's functionalities cover order manufacturing (small series), stock manufacturing (big series) or unique products manufacturing. The solution covers the assembly to order manufacturing (WorkShop) or process workflow manufacturing (WorkFlow).

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Software Agricultural Production | Charisma ERP

Agricultural Production

Using a dedicated ERP solution, agricultural companies will benefit from costs reduction, will eliminate the redundant time, and thus they will be ready to defy the global competition.

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Portfolio management software | Charisma ERP

Portfolio Management

Charisma Portfolio Management is a product designed for managing own works, projects and contracts of companies of any size. The solution integrates and optimizes the operations run between various entities of a company, from quotation, negotiation, signing, tracking, execution, changing up to completion. Perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP, the module reduces the risks specific to the management of large projects and increases the efficiency of the contracting process with customers, providers or business partners.

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Lease Administration Software Module | Charisma ERP

Lease Administration

Charisma Lease Administration is a solution dedicated to construction, real estate companies and those specializing in Building Services and Facility Management. It provides professionals and building owners with a powerful and flexible solution for service and physical assets management within a building: spaces, furniture, computers and equipment, contracts with water, electricity, rents, security and safety, cleaning, internet suppliers etc.

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Charisma SelfService Module - Software ERP

Self Service

Charisma Self Service software is a fast and efficient communication platform between the organization and the business partners, customers or providers, that reduces the operational costs of the customer service departments, increases satisfaction and loyalty of the company's customers, increases the efficiency of marketing efforts and lays the basis for new revenue channels. Over 200,000 partners of financial services, distribution or telecommunication companies in Romania benefit from Charisma SelfService platform.

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Charisma Dashboard Module | Software ERP


Charisma Dashboard is part of the ERP solution and represents an integrated search function and high accessibility

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Charisma Search Module - ERP Software


Charisma Search is an innovative tool that radically changes the way users interact with a business software system. The module was developed specifically to ease the searching and filtering of information available in the database of an ERP system, thus significantly reducing the time required to retrieve a certain information.

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