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The economic environment is and will always be in a continuous change. The NBR laws and rules, EU regulations, the disappearance of "borders" between regions, countries, industries, the technology development, the diversification of finance tracking and investment methods are only few causes that significantly increase the competition, but also the difficulty of a company to remain agile in valuing the opportunities for business growth. You need a flexible and friendly method to capture, integrate and reveal the company's financial data.

In a multifunctional organization with multiple departments, the integration of data into a coherent, easy-to-access software solution, that serves all the financial, accounting, human resources or budget management needs, generates an extremely fast return of investment.

Accounting module is a robust software solution that collects all data from the operational modules of Charisma ERP system and integrates them into an accounting form. Regardless the structure, size, international environment, language, currency or the company's chart of accounts, the module has the capability to consistently provide the financial data, essential information about the financial status of the company, the results and the progress of the financial performance over time.


Some of the customers who use Accounting Module from Charisma ERP

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the operational costs
By reducing time and human resources needed to integrate the business processes at organization level, the Accounting module significantly reduces the operational costs and improves the coordination at department level.

Reduces the time needed to mandatory report to state
The solution reduces redundant work, relieving overtime performed in the reporting periods.

Saves time and money
By closing much faster the accounting periods, the time and money saved generate a quick return of investment.

Reduces the commercial risks
By early risk factors forecasting, the module reduces the risk of the commercial relationships.


  • Ensures parallel management of the company's sites or other companies either as parts of a holding or completely standalone.
  • Allows defining financial periods tracked by the system and accounting periods, ensuring data security both at operational and accounting level.
  • Allows simultaneous tracking of multiple accounting systems – internal or external: RAS, IAS, USGAAP, group, IFRS, etc.), banking or group. Each operational transaction will be differently accounted based on the accounting entry. The initial setup of the system allows you to instantly achieve the results in any of the above systems.
  • Provides a solution regarding NBR regulations and CRB reporting of customer debts related to IFN companies.
  • Ensures a high degree of configurability - the most important entities can be adapted to the specific of the company: charts of accounts for each accounting system, cost centers for allocating revenues and expenses, accounting methods for each operational transaction, account classifications, VAT rates.
  • Allows simultaneous work in two distinct periods (months, years). Thus, the accounting month closing and operating in the following month can be performed in parallel. At the end of the year, it will be allowed to be performed amendments in December until the balance sheet closing. Any change will be accordingly passed to the each month' dates of the following year.
  • It is a multi-currency system - enables to record data in any currency, simultaneously with their passing to a reference currency, other than the legal one (RON, BGN, RUR, LEK, etc.). According to that account specific treatment (monetary or non-monetary), the reports are instantly generated in any currency.
  • The accounting entries are automatically created for the operational documents, based on the accounting posting models configured on system initialization. All the automatic accounting entries instantly become valid and actually appear in the accounts' turnovers.
  • Integrates the risk management – the system forecasts and standardizes the company's revenue by calculating the standardized provisions.
  • Allows entering manual accounting entries for special situations by using default layouts or directly by an authorized user.
  • Attaches to each accounting note (automatic or manual) multiple analysis dimensions (departments, projects, contracts, etc.) useful in generating reports  filtered by these dimensions (account records, balance sheets, etc.).
  • Allows annual accounting result consolidation for the companies, members of a holding, based on a predefined consolidation plan.
  • Provides all the legal reports (local, regulated by the National Banks or by the European Union) and a wide range of usual reports:
    • General accounting ledger, General Ledger, monthly general ledger, account records (multiple periods, multiple currencies);
    • Sales journal; Acquisition journal;
    • VAT declaration;
    • VIES, Intrastat;
    • Configurable accounting balance sheet (synthetic, analytical, on multiple levels, with different column types, with exclusions from accounts, etc.)
    • VAT and budget tax statements;
    • The patrimony status, the profit and loss account, as well as appendices according to the Romanian balance sheet;    
  • Enables the user to generate reports using the database and the report generator.
  • Enables configuring all special summary reports (balance sheet, profit and loss, cash-flow, etc.) in a very simple and user-friendly manner. Any number of such reports can be saved and further used.
  • Benefits from accounting data export/import features needed for reporting or coming from external sources.
  • Natively integrated with the basic modules in Charisma ERP suite: Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, Budgets, Inventory, External Trade, Insurance Management and Financing Contracts Management.  

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