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Cloud Computing advantages

Cloud Computing advantages

Unlike traditional applications that are installed on computers and servers in the customer’s location, the cloud computing provider owns the software and runs it in its data center while using the client hires the solution on a monthly fee. Compared to a classical solution installed on the customer’s site, cloud IT solutions provide the following advantages:

  • Client’s IT resources are reduced: infrastructure – purchasing, maintenance and upgrade are performed by the provider according to the system requirements; software – back-up, update and user security are performed at network level; human resources – no IT specialist is required;
  • Data security is ensured by the provider and is stipulated in the contract;
  • Improved control of system costs and investments;
  • Customers benefit from “network progress” effect: once providers gain more knowledge about different managers’ needs, new features are incorporated into regular service upgrades so that all network customers receive these benefits as soon as possible;
  • Software upgrade is performed regularly and automatically by the provider;
  • 24/7 accessibility, internet connection required;
  • Much easier to implement due to the fact that it almost does not require any software to be installed in the client’s location, there are no licenses to be purchased, neither special hardware to support more complex specifications;
  • Well performing and cheaper security systems due to their standardization towards a large number of clients; 
  • Reduced implementation time;
  • Reduced TCO. 


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