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Charisma Applications in Cloud

A study performed at global level by the market research company IDC, reveals that it is expected to reach an increase in the annual IT cloud services up to 27.4%. This is due to the many advantages of cloud computing, from reduction of IT costs (the investment in hardware, implementation, maintenance systems), up to the the flexibility and higher level of information security. Moreover, security and data access from any location are the main reasons why a company chooses cloud solutions, according to a global study recently published by GfK Romania.
TotalSoft expanded its product offerings in the cloud business model as a result of an increased interest from its customers for Microsoft CRM and SharePoint solutions, acquired as a service. Currently, TotalSoft provides various cloud solutions as part of Charisma Business Applications suite, covering various activity fields: purchasing (Charisma eProcurement), cost control (Charisma Cost Control), professional services (Charisma Office Automation), HR document management (Charisma HR Document Management) or workflow management (Charisma Workflow).

Main clients that use Charisma Applications in Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing advantages

Unlike traditional applications that are installed on computers and servers in the customer’s location, the cloud computing provider owns the software and runs it in its data center while using the client hires the solution on a monthly fee. 


Cloud Computing solutions 

Procurement Management Solutions
Charisma eProcurement solution is designed specifically for the planning, execution, evaluation and improvement of procurement, contracting and renegotiation processes with various partners. It includes policies and practices to control costs and is used by the largest companies in Romania, in various activity field and is perfectly integrated with the rest of the modules included in Charisma Cost Control.


Cost control solution
Charisma Cost Control decreases the financial risk by controlling the expense budgets and by tracking approval workflows for expenses according to the determined budgets. The solution monitors the acquisition processes (RFP, RFQ, offer bids), increases the efficiency of the offering and ordering process and improves the capitalization capabilities of the services companies' opportunities.  Moreover, Charisma Cost Control provides the management of the provider invoices' approval, as well as the history of the contractual relationships with business partners.


Solutions for Office Automation
Charisma Office Automation is a product dedicated to service providers, which simplifies project tracking, increases the efficiency of the resources involved in their execution and maximizes the revenues related to the signed contracts. The solution streamlines and automates the invoicing and collection cycle based on registered hours, manages the interest documents and provides support for the management decisions based on metrics and performance indicators.


Solutions for HR Document Management
HR Document Management Module ensures a comprehensive management of HR documents (time sheets, administrative documents, certificates, employee worksheets, contracts, certifications and diplomas), being fully integrated with the existing workflow of the company.

The solution includes features such as document scanning, saving, archiving, change history, version control, reporting and levels of access definition by the system administrator or approval of certain documents already uploaded on the system.


Solutions for workflow management
Charisma Workflows enables organizations of any size to quickly build complex processes whether by accessing a Web browser interface or directly in the client system of the back-office user. At the same time, the solution enables defining and automating the business processes, reviewing the task flows and automating the tasks related to Charisma ERP modules.


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