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Charisma Business Suite

Charisma Business Suite, a set of software products developed and enhanced with the know-how of the romanian and international liders, ensures a direct link between back office activity and front office user.

Conceived on 3 levels: Base (Level 1), Core (Level 2) and Extended Across Devices (Level 3), Charisma Business Suite offers the posibility of building their own solutions, choosing from a large list only those applications that support an efficient management and development of your business. The advantage of their integration in a single software infrastructure with shared database, is doubled by the latest technology which underpins the suite and its configuration possibilities and adapting to your requirements. 

ERP solutions - Charisma ERP system

Charisma ERP 2015

Charisma ERP 2015 is an integrated information system for companies’ resource management to optimize and streamline the internal business processes. Charisma ERP is a multi-module system, specially designed to standardize the productive or decision-making processes by introducing the best practices specific to each business sector. The product is the best-selling integrated information system in the mid-market segment in Romania.

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Human Resources (HR) and payroll software | Charisma HCM

Charisma HCM

Charisma HCM software is the most powerful Human Resources management solution, adapted to the Romanian law, that covers both the critical areas of payroll and personnel management, as well as the strategic area of investments in the development of human capital. Preferred by over 550 national and multinational companies, the product manages the payroll of over 10% from the active labor force in Romania, and calculates over 25% from the aprox. 140,000 outsourced payrolls.

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Charisma Analyzer - Business Intelligence Software

Charisma Analyzer

Charisma Analyzer is a solution designed for advanced analysis and processing that enables the generation of detailed reports and dashboards, in a very attractive graphical view, based on the performance indicators necessary in supporting strategic decisions. Charisma Analyzer addresses all categories of business sectors - sales, manufacturing, services, financial - banking, logistics, constructions, providing support in operations forecasting and calibration for any type of organization.

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Charisma Medical Software - Solutions for Medical Sector

Charisma Medical Software

Charisma Medical Software is a modular software solution that integrates and optimizes the processes, the flows, the operational and financial activities specific to hospitals, clinics, drugstores and medical laboratories. Charisma Medical Software is perfectly adapted to the electronic reporting regulations of statistics and reimbursements for CNAS (National Health Insurance House) – SIUI and DRG.

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Mobile Software Solutions - Charisma ERP

Charisma Mobile Solutions

The increased applicability of mobile devices is rapidly turning them into business working and analysis platforms. Given the current trends, the expansion of software capabilities on cutting edge mobile devices is definitely a statement of TotalSoft team’s innovative spirit.

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Charisma eBusiness Solutions - Web applications

Charisma eBusiness Solutions

The online environment is becoming more and more attractive, while customers increasingly turn their attention to companies that serve their needs with a variety of web pages. TotalSoft has a vast expertise in the eBusiness area, having been developing such solutions for more than 10 years.

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Charisma Applications in Cloud - Software Solutions

Charisma Applications in Cloud

Cloud Computing is a cutting-edge technology that has grown spectacularly in recent years. We have expanded our product offerings with cloud solutions due to the multiple benefits it brings to our clients: it reduces IT costs (the investment in hardware, implementation, maintenance), provides flexibility and ensures a higher level of information security.

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Charisma Business Applications - B2B Software Solutions

Charisma Business Applications

Software solutions developed based on the latest Microsoft technologies, which automate critical processes within any organization.

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"... The main benefit that Henkel’s "Technologies Adhesives” Division obtained by implementing the hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is high flexibility at very small costs. ..."
Mircea Vlăștean,
Business Controller
Henkel AdhesiveTechnologies


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