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Charisma Medical Software system is ready to be integrated with the Electronic Health Insurance Card

Charisma Medical Software, the informatic system that underpins the activity of companies like Medlife, Regina Maria or Anima Specialty Medical Services, is ready to ensure the integration of the medical services suppliers with the Electronic Health Insurance Card. TotalSoft succesfully implemented in the system the functionalities offered to the medical services providers by the Electronic Health Insurance Card, part of the Integrated Platform of Health Insurance, while optimally combining the operational validations required by the new legal amendments with the processes functionality.

The National Health Card is a project of national interest that aims the transparency and efficiency of the funds used in the health insurance system. Starting with february, it will become the mandatory instrument used for the confirmation of all the provided services from the health insurance system.

„TotalSoft concern for the extension and adaptation to legislative requirements of Charisma Medical Software system offers to our partners the confidence that they are using the right solution. Furthermore, we use to give priority to this type of deadlines, precisely because we want to be sure that the activity of our clients is not disrupted at all”, states Ionut Tudor, Product Manager, Charisma Medical Software, TotalSoft.

New functionalities were developed for Charisma Medical Software that allow the system’s integration with all the types of devices agreed by the National House of Health Insurance. Depending on the type of the signed contract between Charisma’s client and National House of Health Insurance, TotalSoft allows the activation of the available functionalities in relation to the Electronic Health Insurance Card. The insurance cards and the validation of all the provided services can be directly processed from the application both by the doctor and by the receptionist of the medical unit, facilitating a centralized working manner. Apart from the mandatory functionalities, TotalSoft developed within Charisma new alerts aimed to warn the users of the medical centres on the signature’s necessity for the provided services, in case the card doesn’t correspond with the selected pacient.

By using the Electronic Health Insurance Card, the patient’s history and another important information will be easily managed, thus achieving the transparency of the health system operation and efficiently supervising the potential frauds on the reporting of the medical services provided to the insured persons.

On the private market of medical services, Charisma Medical Software is the most popular informatic system for the management of the medical and laboratory activities, being implemented in 9 hospitals, 40 clinics and 19 medical tests laboratories. The monthly flow of patients managed through Charisma overcomes 320 000 in clinics and hospitals and 1,5 millions of laboratory tests.

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