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The lack of an efficient management of the organization workflows or the existence of delegation and exception risks occurring during the execution of these flows can disturb the business development. The need to extend the mechanism of managing each operational or business process has determined the development of Charisma Workflows software. For a functional value-added in configuring the programming transactions based on decision trees, Charisma Workflows software is the standalone solution that can be perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP suite or with any other enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Charisma Workflows software enables organizations of any size to quickly build complex processes whether by accessing a Web browser interface or directly in the client system of the back-office user. At the same time, the solution enables defining and automating the business processes, reviewing the task flows and automating the tasks related to Charisma ERP modules.

Customers who use Charisma Workflows

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  • Reduces the operational costs by eliminating redundant or manual execution times;
  • Increases the efficiency of operations through a user-friendly and automated solution;
  • Minimizes the internal risk due to the increase of control and the introduction of operational automations;


  • Creates new flows only through visual configuration - while the effort of additional developments is removed - and responds to a broad spectrum of business needs;
  • Completely manages all the elements included in the configuration process of the working process - actors, actor groups, entities (documents and tasks), inputs and outputs, interaction and control methods, etc.;
  • Efficiently sets up and manages ways of avoiding bottlenecks, including delegating and error handling, ensuring the continuity and proper system functioning;

  • Defines independent workflows specific to any task type within the organization; Generates workflows in hours and days;

  • Manages and tracks the evolution of To-Do lists by users (actors) or user groups; Includes a multi-user approval feature for various workflow tasks;
  • Provides decisional support by implementing execution stages, conditioning and time restrictions assigned to the execution;
  • Includes task management that helps users (actors) interact with the workflow at a certain moment, including the owner, the generating flow, the documents attached, the actions and entities affected, the priority, and status (stand-by, working, finished, cancelled);  tracking the actions performed by users is managed through checklists;
  • Automatically notifies each actor within the flow regarding the steps that were not performed or those that are to be performed;
  • Automates the usual business processes and tasks related to the applications;
  • Provides an updated, real-time image, of the tasks within the workflow, as well as the execution plan;
  • Ensures user and security mechanism management; it also includes the delegation part and the transfer of responsibilities and rights of the source users to the target user;
  • Generates a detailed report at company level;
  • Measures the performance of a flow or a certain task through expandable indicators, used in various statistics and reports:
    • Number of instances by period (e.g. month) of a workflow
    • Minimum, average and maximum duration of the complete workflow execution
    • Link between flow and task for the indicators: minimum, average and maximum duration of the execution, task number per user, period (e.g. month), etc.

Improves the processes of an ERP through:

  • Connecting to external data via SQL, Web Services, LDAP, XML;
  • Creation and usage in specific Workflow Foundation operations;
  • Interaction via Web Service API;
  • Expanding and customizing, using the available SDK;
  • Integration with BizTalk;
  • Access to Active Directory.


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