Time & Expense Management

Time & Expense Management module is a self-service tool, providing transparency both for the employees and for the organization, being designated to efficient track the worked hours. This module helps the company to automate the collection, validation, approval, billing processes or any other information provided by the employees regarding the worked hours, in a project-oriented business.

Financial and operational benefits

Increases the employees' productivity

  • Easy-to-use and user friendly tool for recording timesheets
  • Allows online accessing, in any moment and from anywhere
  • Provides various options to record the timesheets: real-time or at the end of the period
  • Allows detail or summary view of timesheet period calendar, completely configurable: day, week, month
  • Captures the spent effort, from any section of the solution
  • Allows an automatic transformation of the task list into time tasks
  • Includes flexible schedules of tasks, as well as the comparative review of the scheduled vs. output.

Reduces the operational costs

  • The timesheets recorded into a single location, including documents, tasks, incidents, calendar, provides the advantages of working with a single application – low costs of learning and using, fast adoption by the employees, consistently displayed information for the entire organization.
  • Allows tracking the timesheets recorded by an unlimited number of projects, tasks, customers or employees
  • Provides flexibility for implementing the timesheet model, depending on the characteristics and working pattern of the company
  • Allows using timesheet templates, according to each company needs.
  • Includes a visual, intuitive marking of timesheet cell status: not validated, validated, invoiced, closed
  • Offers e-mail or message board notifications for various alerts - periods without timesheet, hours to be validated or invoiced, etc.
  • Integrates with other human resources applications for transferring data, loading/unloading organization charts, costs by employee type, dictionaries of positions within the company;  
  • Integrates with MS Project or Primavera for the automatic recording of the employee's timesheet into both applications.

Increases the efficiency of managerial decisions

  • Tracks the allocation and yield of the employees over time periods or at project level;  
  • Eases the comparisons with the job descriptions, which are useful in performance assessments;
  • Records holidays, overtime, sick leaves;
  • Quickly displays the split of the reported hours by project type, phase, task or customer;  
  • Calculates the costs of the tasks - tracks the hours performed by employee, project, activity or detailed task;
  • Validates in real-time the timesheets, based on automatic notifications;  
  • Records distinct types of activities: billable or non-billable, actual allocated hours or customer hours;
  • Processes the approval of multi-resources timesheets in a flexible manner, tailored to company's needs;
  • Groups the timesheets by period or account, project, resource.


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