Resource Management

Resource Management module schedules the company's resources by projects in an efficient manner, by providing the best usage, without doubling the efforts, based on the competence profile and skills of the employees, thus providing the best resources for the projects' success. The solution takes into account the experience in the fields, interests, competences or psychological profiles, so that the created teams to be able to deliver the projects within the restrictions enforced by time, cost and quality.

Financial and operational benefits

Increases the profitability at company's resources level

  • Allows the resource selection based on the existing allocations, updated in real-time.
  • Eliminates the overloading or over-allocations of the resources.
  • Allows multi-project, multi-stage, multi-task allocations.
  • Uses standard rates at resource level
  • Allows customized rates according to the specific of each project or contract.
  • Allows tracking and using the resources per task, phase or project.

Quick and best support for the company's goals

  • Allows online and real-time management of all the human resources existing in the company.
  • Allows the management of employees' profiles in order to optimize the allocation process.
  • Assigns the resources by matching their abilities, based on the projects specifics and by their availability at company level.
  • Organizes and classifies the company's resources based on the organization chart or using WBSs (Work Breakdown Structures).
  • Includes roles and / or professional categories matching.
  • Prioritizing the projects by migrating the resources from one project to another;
  • Provides quick and transparent access to the availability of any resource within the company;
  • Offers quick notifications for increasing the workflow efficiency, by e-mail or dashboard. Thus, the availability of a resource is notified, as well as the delayed, current or completed tasks;
  • Provides access to a centralized calendar of all the projects and involved resources;  
  • Natively integrates with Charisma HCM or with any other human resources management solution, allowing the retrieval or matching the costs per resource or per resource category.


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