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The quick sale of the collected or owned assets is the interest of each financing or retail company, in order to increase their operational revenues and to lower the expenses required for their maintenance. An optimal transactional design at organization level means a good cross-department and cross-process communication.
Remarketing software brings the benefit of a solution especially designed for a complete and efficient management of the entire collection and resale flow of the collected assets. Additionally, this module eases the remarketing efforts by positioning the product for sale or rent and by driving the demand for it by adaptability to market changes. 


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Financial and operational benefits

Improves the loading and sale process

  • Provides an efficient and fast management of the reception protocols for the assets, sales invoices and item bookings.  
  • Reduces the costs at company level and analyzes the profitability through a fast view on the collection and maintenance costs against the revenues recorded per asset.

Optimizes the operational activities

  • Includes a high-performance system for notifying each representative in the process of sale and management of the collected assets (inbound, outbound, booking expiration).
  • Allows the automatic update of stocks at the moment of entering into the inventory and at the moment of sale.
  • Captures all the properties required for identifying and promoting a collected asset.
  • Automates the operational transactions due to native integration with Charisma ERP or with any other ERP system.

Increase the revenues and profitability of the organization by web-selling

  • Market visibility in a professional manner and much faster resale of the collected assets.
  • Realistic and quick access view by detailed information and presentation images.
  • Advanced methods for search, quoting, subscribing for offers and detail requests about the assets shown on the Web platform.  
  • Simple, user friendly management of the Website.
  • Issuing efficiency reports about the most accessed products, the most accessed categories, number of visitors, etc.  
  • Increasing the profit by eliminating the wholesale actions or dealers' involvement.


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