Project Management

Any project is based on a set of operations, where the activities are performed against a time and money budget, an ongoing calendar, allocated resources and multiple deliverables. Finally, the success or failure of the projects depends on the efficiency of each operation. Charisma Office Automation includes a powerful module, dedicated to project management that targets the tracking assessing and improving all the operational activities within a project.

Financial and operational benefits

Efficient tracking of projects or contracted services

  • Defines and tracks at central level all the issues related to a project: objectives, costs, deadlines, calendar, events, resources, risks, incidents, invoices, receivables.
  • Creates projects based on templates, allowing predefining the project plan structure, with the available tasks and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), as well as the categories of timesheets by activity type.
  • The possibilities to define and monitor multiple simultaneous projects, regardless their type or size.
  • Provides advanced functionalities of project planning: WBS, stages, tasks or milestones.
  • Allows complete and methodic cover of a project: kick-off, planning, execution, control and closing.
  • Quickly and accurately captures any type of costs related to the projects.
  • Simultaneous manages the budgets assigned to the projects, at task, project, task type or resource level.
  • Allows revenue forecasts, cost budgets (time or money budgets) or tracking the output vs. the schedule.

Increases the operational productivity

  • Easy and quick assignment of the resources.
  • Allows reviews and adjustments at project level or resource allocation.
  • Provides the employees' focus on their responsibilities and not on administrative tasks.
  • Allows tracking both internal and customer posted incidents, at project level; capturing and managing the comment history, severity, person responsible for solving.
  • Offers discussion forums, where the employees can disseminate best practices.
  • Streamlines and automates all the operational activities.
  • Uses To-do list at project level, with drill-down and tracking capabilities for various tasks.
  • Provides quick notifications related to the main events recorded at project level.
  • Minimizes the non-invoiced hours and ensures revenue increase through a better planning of the projects and resources.
  • Allows the integration with any project management solution and natively integrates with MS Project and Primavera;  
  • Allows data import / export and synchronization of schedules with other applications.

Increases the efficiency of managerial decisions for reaching the goals

  • Helps to deliver the projects on time and budget.
  • Defines and tracks the budget by resource, task, project or customer.
  • Allows quick identification of the employees or tasks with deviations or delays vs. the budget.
  • Provides centralized and intuitive information for ensuring the right resources within the projects.  
  • Tracks the project schedules, by displaying overdue or current milestones.
  • reduces the differences between the budget strategy and project schedule.
  • Updates in real-time the project status based on the hours in the timesheets of the resources for the projects' tasks and stages.
  • Provides permanent and secured access to project information.


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