It is the moment to renegotiate a series of contracts with the traditional suppliers. Therefore, the contracts of utilities, preferential interest rates in the contracts with the banks or financing institutions, or the contracts with the retailers related to purchasing the office supplies, hardware equipment or software can be reviewed and improved for cutting the operational costs. Also a helpful solution for lowering the costs is to totally or partially outsource the payroll or personnel management, the activities related to transportation, infrastructure and IT management, financial and accounting services, equipment maintenance, legal advisory, etc.

eProcurement software optimizes and simplifies the planning, the execution, the assessment and the improvement of purchasing, contracting and renegotiating processes with various partners. This module includes the politics and practices used by the largest companies in Romania, in various business fields.

Some of the customers who use Charisma eProcurement

Financial and operational benefits

Quick decisions in choosing the offers
Thanks to the transparency of the purchasing process, eProcurement software reduces the time needed for managing the process of choosing the favorable offer.

Reduces the operational costs
Thanks to the automation of the entire purchasing flow and integration with other information systems used by the purchasing or financial-accounting departments, eProcurement software solution dramatically reduces the downtime and routine tasks, streamlining and facilitating the purchasing process.

Increases the efficiency of quoting and ordering process

eProcurement software solution improves the capacity to turn the opportunities to value, reducing the company's expenses by choosing the best offer that meets the specified selection criteria.

Easy to use
User friendly interface, which requires only a few minutes to fulfill the information needed for an acquisition.

Integration with mobile devices
The application runs on any type of mobile device: smartphone, tablet or desktop.


  • Provides quick access to the potential or current suppliers by managing and querying a partner database.
  • Provides an efficient management of purchasing processes, capturing the entire process, from the occurrence and defining of a company's need to contracting and actual fulfillment of the request (the approved expense request).
  • The best platform for:
    • management of RFPs / RFQs (Requests For Proposal / Quotation) or any other type of requests to the candidate partners,
    • recording and comparing the quotations directly posted by suppliers or imported from external sources,
    • reviewing, selecting and approving the favorable offers,
    • opening bids on determined period, by inviting the suppliers with the best offers to compete for the final selection,
    • concluding the contract with the supplier
  • Provides complete information and history of suppliers, existing offers, signed contracts, invoices.


Organizing the acquisition

  • Create RFx
    • Basic information: acquisition name, currency, public/private event Yes/No;
    • Specific information: information related to the event: acquisition schedule, auction details, etc;
    • Establish the mix of criteria for the evaluation process.
  • Add articles
    • Add new article or select a product from existing ones; Establish quantity, budget price and qualification price.
  • Add participants
    • Select Participants from the existing list together with the Contact person; Send invitations to the Participant through the appropriate channel.
  • Technical overview/ approvals;
  • Select the winning offer;
  • Organizing offers: send invitations to participants
  • Message tab & possibility to attach files. 

Portal for Participants

  • Portal registration: company information, user name, password;
  • Registration for a specific acquisition: select acquisition and submit an offer;
  • Use the portal to attend public acquisition events;
  • Real time update on all acquisition's statuses.

Portal for Approvals

  • Manage account: change company information;
  • Evaluation dashboard: All the evaluation and approvals that are allocated to users are grouped on current evaluations, over due evaluations and closed evaluations;
  • Commercial Approval.


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"... With an auction value exceeding 3 million Euros we have achieved a saving of 10-25% on every item, a huge percentage compared to the investment made for this software solution, summed up to a monthly subscription which gives us access to the platform. ..."
Manuel Cancenski,
Logistics, Technical & Acquisitions Manager, Regina Maria
Regina Maria


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