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Charisma Office Automation

If you have a company specialized on providing services of consultancy, IT solution, law, advertising, architecture or engineering, you certainly faced the questions such as: how profitable is actually the business? How many of our projects were completed on time and budget? Do our teams know to sell the most profitable services, in a professional manner? Are we billing the worked hours? Such questions occur due to intense work practices, overloading or high number of projects which lead to low productivity or inefficiency within the company.

In order to answer to these questions, TotalSoft designed a solution for the automation of processes in the companies operating in the field of services. Charisma Office Automation generates a quick return on investment by improving the operational efficiency, increasing the employees' profitability, through the reputation gained among the customers and through the better approach of the projects. 

Why Charisma Office Automation Software?

Why Charisma Office Automation

The exceptional modularity and the unlimited possibilities of configuring the application, the licensing flexibility, using the collaborative work environment provided by SharePoint technology, native Web architecture that allows accessing the data from everywhere in any moment make Charisma Office Automation the ideal solution for simplifying and automating the specific activities of the companies operating in the services area.

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Time and Expense Management Software | Charisma

Time & Expense Management

Time & Expense Management module is a self-service tool, providing transparency both for the employees and for the organization, being designated to efficient track the worked hours. This module helps the company to automate the collection, validation, approval, billing processes or any other information provided by the employees regarding the worked hours, in a project-oriented business.

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Project Management Software | Charisma Office Automation

Project Management

Any project is based on a set of operations, where the activities are performed against a time and money budget, an ongoing calendar, allocated resources and multiple deliverables. Finally, the success or failure of the projects depends on the efficiency of each operation. Charisma Office Automation includes a powerful module, dedicated to project management that targets the tracking assessing and improving all the operational activities within a project.

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Resource Management software | Charisma Office Automation

Resource Management

Resource Management module schedules the company's resources by projects in an efficient manner, by providing the best usage, without doubling the efforts, based on the competence profile and skills of the employees, thus providing the best resources for the projects' success. The solution takes into account the experience in the fields, interests, competences or psychological profiles, so that the created teams to be able to deliver the projects within the restrictions enforced by time, cost and quality.

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Contract Management Software - Charisma Office Automation

Contract Management

Charisma Contract Management software is a module especially designed for recording and managing all types of contracts concluded with the customers and partners of a company. This module centralizes and manages the services' execution, according to the agreed terms and conditions, immediately notifying any deviation, thus supporting a professional, agile work environment, based on a strongly customer-oriented culture.

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Financial Management Software - Charisma Office Automation

Financial Management

Financial Management module manages the operations and project execution from the financial point of view, regardless the type or nature of the concluded contractual terms. The solution includes complex financial management tools, covering all the financial flow, from issuing the invoices to the customers to recording the payments and closing the debts on contracts and projects.

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Office Analysis Software | Charisma Office Automation

Office Analysis

Office Analysis software includes a set of reports especially created for supporting the decisional process and the agility of the organization. Perfectly integrated with the operational flow defined by the other modules within Charisma Office Automation suite, these reports provide critical information regarding the company's performance, from resource usage to profitability per customer, project, task, employee, team, department or company.

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