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Charisma Litigation Management

The representatives of legal departments of banking and non-banking institutions defend their interests in prior proceedings, in front of the courts, prosecution and other authorities, both at home and abroad, often with enormous costs and effort.
In order to increase the efficiency of the management procedures and legal processes, the implementation of evidence, management and reporting of litigation – Litigations Management is necessary.
The reports obtained by using Litigations Management application will provide a full picture of the institution as a party in disputes, including as many details such as cost, time resolution, amount, purpose and source issue. The application facilitates obtaining statistics on disputes in which the banking institution was or is still a party – completed litigations, open new litigation, pending litigation - the timing and class.
Developed as an add-on to the CRM platform of Charisma Business Suite and accessible via Internet by using SharePoint technology, the Litigations Management application is based on configurability and flexibility in modeling business objects and advanced integration with other components of the suite.

Financial and operational benefits

Increases productivity
By eliminating the huge files, reducing the redundant work and using a centralized database, the company’s business processes are improved considerably, being perfectly adapted to its specificity and particularities. The short time necessary for retrieving the information and using a common platform for information and documents, some features of export situations and custom documents, enhance the facility among users application.

Reduces operational risk
Due to the integrity and access rules and roles of security by setting the application level, it significantly minimizes operational risks of the business. It increases the control over business processes, ensures quality and data integrity and facilitates intra-departmental collaboration.
Reduces paper costs
Due to the electronic information organization and processes fluidity, the paper costs are eliminated, also the toner for printer or use of space. In addition, the legal records management is improved with an electronic version.



  • Provides an intuitive and logically structured interface;
  • Shapes and uses advanced security concept by defining users, roles within the business workflow and access levels: counselor coordinator, counselor assigned supevisor - Head, executive Deputy Chairman, officers working a system administrator;
  • Multi-location and multi-currency;
  • Provides quick and easy access by setting the application objects and lists: districts, regions, stages (fund, call, appeal, action for annulment, appeal for annulment, Appeal of law, cancellation request, revision, removal, declension, etc.), qualities of the parties involved (applicant, defendant, civil party, the injured party, etc.), directions / departments, internal units, operations, application type (action claims, bills, direct, etc.); depending on the level of the user these lists can be configurable and flexible;
  • Includes data validation and audit recorded in order to ensure integrity and accuracy; uses but does not constrain the use of flow conditions at operational level;
  • Provides complete management of files and stages of litigation folders archives; defines and manages all the attributes required in the composition of an issue (internal number, county, court status, stage files, period, question type etc.); also includes a files audit platform updated with every change made;
  • Manages legal provisions attached to files, including history  of amendments;
  • Manages conciliation / mediation files, which can then form the basis for litigation; the possibility of automating the registration file in the system is also available;
  • Includes management of costs and actual time spent (hours) in the process of conciliation / mediation or file associated with each stage of litigation, depending on activities;
  • Allows the attachment of documents and notes made in the reconciliation files application;
  • Provides a flexible and configurable alert system with automatic transmission, in situations that are set in the application; alerts are in the form of emails with predefined structure or lists of planned tasks; provides early warning on deadlines: Folders with the next term in X days, Missing information in files, file by  Solution X court ruling, Assign new folder, files etc. within X days;
  • Includes the out-of-office functionality, the notification communication being accomplished based on the hierarchical structure or relationship business model (replacement option);
  • Reports in real time, with advanced filtering, group and export options:
    • Status of all litigation records;
    • New files;
    • Pending files;
    • Solved files;
    • Comparative analysis on years and semesters;
    • Counselor activity analysis;
    • File folder – general report;
    • Concilliation/mediation file – general report;
    • Provision analysis;
    • File status: Litigations without value (plaintiff/defendant), Litigation exceeding a certain value (plaintiff/defendant), Litigations with operational risks, Litigations with reputation risks.

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