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The difficult economic context determines the retail or financing companies to treat the debt issue with maximum care and to consider any debt as a critical situation in the lifecycle of revenues and customer services. Many times, the amount of debts accumulated in a short period of time can surprise organizations, their efforts or those of companies specialized in debt collection not being able to achieve expected results. Thus, due to the unsuccessful actions taken for notifying or collecting debts, the companies have to take the next step - to legally handle the files.
This is why Charisma Collection suite includes a module dedicated to legal issues, which leads to efficiency increase of the operations for collecting the moral or physical damages, thus lowering the prejudice and increasing the chances for profit for the financing companies.


Some of the customers who use Charisma Collection

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the operational costs
  • Legal module reduces the required manual effort by automating the processes and workflows for collecting the receivables from customers. The remarkable configurability and flexibility of the solution allows adapting the module to the specific of each single organization, regardless its size or business area.
Automates the collection process
  • Exceptional flexibility, thanks to native integration with Charisma ERP or with any other management system for good financing contracts.
  • Automatic data import directly from the company’s database, i.e. all the contracts suspended for payment delays - or any other reason specified by the customer - automatically generate the activation of legal files with the collection company.
  • Allows simultaneously handling of many collection files;
  • Real-time update of receivables situation or the invoices attached to the files, depending on their management in ERP system.
  • Handling personal or a company's goods collection.
Eliminates the calculation and provision creation
  • The system eliminates the calculation and creation of provisions for risks and expenses by negotiating the amounts and commercial terms, by highlighting the promised payments and by updating the system with the actual operations
Reduces the analysis time and increases the efficiency of the collectors
  • Complete and real-time view of each active file.
  • Consolidated calendar with terms and planned activities by periods.
  • Manages all the stages of a file, from activation to solving.
  • Distinct, amicable or legal treatment of the files. Therefore, the stages of a file can be the following: amicably, conciliation, execution disputes, execution, insolvency, inspection, court, notification, penal complaint, payment summon, execution suspension. The followings can be assigned and tracked for each stage:
    • The expenses incurred by the collection company during handling the file. The expense type is fully configurable, based on the specific of each company's preference. As a standard it can be recorded expenses for: travel, shipping, collected assets, execution, legal stamp duty;
    • The payment commitments obtained by the collection company. The system automatically matches the recorded promises and actual receipts, managed by Charisma ERP 2011 or by any other ERP system.  
End-to-end solution
  • The module activates and handles the files for debit, leasing asset, insolvency and outstanding.
  • Provides quick calculation and analysis of all incurred expense types on each file.  
  • Legal module allows the easy management and verification of the invoiced fees or collection costs.
  • Additionally, the module ensures the document management by matching or loading physical documents for each single file or at stage level the file goes through.


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