Any company, regardless of its type or size, needs a single and structured communication platform between employees and a common base of knowledge within the organization. Through a secure and accessible via Internet, such a flexible and controllable environment provides employees with access to company information, opportunities for distribution and publication of documents of interest, organizational practices and activities calendars.

Whatever the content published might be (administrative, business, IT, finance, marketing, HR, internal projects etc.), the Intranet is one of the highest values ​​of a company. It ensures, undoubtedly, that all employees are informed and work much better and more productive. Accessible anywhere and anytime, and with a very low total cost of ownership, the Intranet solution effectively distributes the information internally and with immediate results. 

Some of the customers who use Charisma Intranet


Financial and operational benefits
Improves the internal communication and collaboration between employees
  • Organisational information can be stored centrally and accessed at any time;
  • The information is easily accessed by any authorized user improving thus the teamwork; it represents a platform for internal document dissemination, edit and management in a distributed group;
  • Develops, indirectly, the cohesion of employees according to the company's culture and objectives with the help of sections such as organizational information, FAQs, help-desk;
  • Comprises internal procedures and policies, calendar and agenda of availability of meeting rooms;
  • Helps employees through the e-market platform to post personal announcements;
  • Can be integrated with various applications that ensure public and secure studies. Instant Messaging, Virtual Whiteboards, web conferences;
  • Uses e-mails, forums and chats for a fast communication;
  • Publishes instantly the information of interest for the company, benefiting from an advanced search engine;
  • Notifies through alerts changes that occur to common dates;

Ensures accessible information to everyone on a single platform
  • Organizes and makes public the information belonging to each department or directorate within the organization, comprising documents, projects and their statuses, organization roles;
  • Includes phone agenda, organization chart, company employees profile, map and transport means;
  • Ensures the space and access to a multimedia section that can include video, audio and image files of general interest;
  • Comprises an entertainment area (photos, jokes), weather forecast and/or currency.
Increases the employee productivity and efficiency
  • Provides access to an on-line library. It comprises articles, electronic books, reference models, department reports, internal data base;
  • Provides a complete information data base for an improved decision making process;
  • Provides a rapid, easy, open and flexible communication report (one to one, many to many);
  • Ensures a content management and learning basis.
Improves the customer relationship support level 
  • Helps employees to provide customers with an improved support through a faster access to correct and coherent information;
  • Supports teams by offering on-line support (possibility to exchange knowledge virtually).
Reduces company costs
  • It can be implemented and administrated at minimum costs;
  • It can be easily accessed with any type of browser;
  • Reduces the stationery and physical supports consumption for the distributed information, eliminating thus the time needed to handle physical documents;
  • Reduces the storage space for documents of interest;
  • Ensures document management and archiving with customized access according to internal security rules;
  • Uses a business flow system that is compatible with any type of internal process (administrative, IT, HR, purchases, document approval).
  • Increases the control over internal information by restricting access based on access rights for each employee. Users can publish, update and delete the content of the web portal only according to security and approval procedures internally implemented.

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