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Reducing the internal costs can be achieved only with the help of a risk management tool. The decision persons within an organization need an actual overview of the non-justifiable expenses or costs not supporting company's revenue increase and profitability, thus putting in danger the financial health of the organization.

eExpense Request Approval module is a software product especially designed for tracking, controlling and increasing the efficiency of the expenses within a company. The main tools used are the expense budgets, order cards, approval flow for the expense requests and the possibility to query the internal inventor in real time. The products includes the processes specific to each business field, easy to adapt to the specific needs of any company.

Some of the customers who use Charisma eExpense Request Approval

Financial and operational benefits

Diminishes the financial risk
The system controls each acquisition (stopping / limiting / identifying), by enforcing an automatic validation process. Thus the company's budget exceeding is prevented, ensuring the permanent framing within the planned and validated budget.

Provides user transparency
The system provides quick access for all the company's employees by posting the occurred expense orders and their centralization into a single location. The products eliminates the human resources allocation for this process, therefore significantly reducing the time for routine activities and operational costs.

Controls and reduces the operational and data migration costs
Connecting and synchronizing with any other ERP system allows the automation and streamline of purchasing management, based on an unique database.

Reduces the time required for building the expense budget
The user friendly interface and/or the integration with the already configured ERP system allow quick building of the expense budget, without any special training.


  • The budget is the organizations' structure required for defining, planning and controlling the costs over time periods. Either we talk about expenses for electricity, water, gas, office supplies, hardware equipment, telephony and Internet, or about the expenses with the employees, operational departments, marketing, all can be grouped, restricted and tracked in detail by means of defining cost centers and budget lines, on distinct time periods, at the organization level.  

  • Regardless they are defined within eExpense Request Approval application or externally configured in other ERP system, each budget line is assigned a budget owner. He/she manages all the expense requests posted by order cards, including the amount, the cost center related to the requested expense and its type.
  • The expense approval flow is flexible and can be tailored to any type of organization, and the actual approval is done in three steps:
    • Each employee is assigned to a manager who approves the expense opportunity.
    • Each budget line is assigned to an owner who will confirm the cost or the value of the expense.
    • Each budget is assigned an owner who will approve the expense amount.
  • Charging the expense into the budget account can be done either when the request is initiated, or on its approval, manually or automatically, depending on the company's approaching.
  • The application has the option to access the internal material or stockable items inventory, being managed and stored within the company.
  • The system provides a series of specialized preconfigured reports, as well as performance indicators, to allow the quick tracking of the company's expense and money allocation process.
  • eExpense Request Approval module can be directly integrated with Supplier Contract Management module when the selection of the service and equipment providers is agreed, and the process does not need any prospection, tracking the purchasing and/or bidding processes.


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