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Any company, regardless of its size or business object, interacts with customers and manages basic information about them, such as names, addresses, contracts, purchase history, invoices, payments etc. Whether they use specialized software solutions or other methods, each company acts in such a way that their customers feel satisfied. However, not all available methods can ensure a proper link and centralization between communication, daily tasks or sales team meetings, with opportunities and prospect customers; they do not provide overviews and optimize the entire sales process and do not have an efficient processes business reporting system. A complete CRM solution is then mandatory.

Charisma CRM solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology and provides consolidation of all information about a company’s partners, regardless of the industry they serve. Sales, marketing and customer support processes are inter-connected via CRM functionalities and streamlined in order to develop and maintain customer loyalty, increase revenue, deliver consistent and high quality services and finally to assess clients that need to be focused on.
The reasons that recommend us as the best CRM provider are:
  • Adaptability - the power to develop beyond standard product functionalities according to clients needs;
  • Expertise - highest number of CRM implementations on the Romanian market;
  • Reputation - selected by international clients to deliver complex solutions;
  • Portfolio - own products based on Microsoft technology
  • Charisma CRM can be seamless integrated with Charisma ERP and with any type of ERP solution, providing also native integration with Microsoft SharePoint (Document Management).

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Some of the clients who use Charisma CRM powered by MS Dynamics
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Charisma CRM by Microsoft Dynamics Benefits


In a global and highly competitive business environment, customer loyalty and retention have become critical. Charisma CRM is the tool that allows you to do that through a proper management and customer relationship, which turns prospects into customers, streamlines the marketing processes and reduces the sales process duration.

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Charisma Sales Force Automation CRM Module (Microsoft Dynamics)

Sales Force Automation Module

The Sales Force Automation Module optimizes the sales efforts with the familiar and intelligent features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The module provides a highly intuitive interface, while the Microsoft Office capabilities shorten the sales cycles, increases the closing possibilities and achieves a real-time insight.

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Marketing Module - Charisma CRM by Microsoft Dynamics

Marketing Module

The Marketing Module transforms every touch point into a marketing opportunity and harnesses the undiscovered potential within customer databases. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s familiar and intelligent marketing capabilities, companies can market more effectively, improve productivity and gain actionable insight into their marketing efforts.

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Customer Service Module - Charisma CRM by Microsoft Dynamics

Customer Service Module

The Customer Service Module has been developed in order to meet the expectations of customer relationship departments’ members. The product provides scenarios tailored to any type of organization, simplifying the business operators’ activities, reducing the response time and increasing customer satisfaction.

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"...  “We were looking for a partner with solid enterprise-level references to convince us that the project would be finished according to our requirements and on the required delivery date.” ..."
Roman Bulat,
Head of Information Systems Structure
Alro Slatina
"... The main benefit that Henkel’s "Technologies Adhesives” Division obtained by implementing the hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is high flexibility at very small costs. ..."
Mircea Vlăștean,
Business Controller
Henkel AdhesiveTechnologies
"... Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps Mercedes-Benz Romania to build a professional relationship with clients, by its ability to respond quickly and personalized to any requests. ..."
Claudiu Arion,
eBusiness&CRM Manager Network
Mercedes-Benz România chooses Charisma CRM
"... Using interfaces developed by TotalSoft, the CRM solution is integrated with Charisma ERP from where it retrieves all customer information. Interfaces are created using Web Service and XML packages for an easy access to information at any time ..."
Radu Chiran,
Consultant CRM
TBI Call Center


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