Contract Management

Charisma Contract Management software is a module especially designed for recording and managing all types of contracts concluded with the customers and partners of a company. This module centralizes and manages the services' execution, according to the agreed terms and conditions, immediately notifying any deviation, thus supporting a professional, agile work environment, based on a strongly customer-oriented culture.

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the costs and optimizes the operational processes

  • Maintains in an easy to access manner all the data related to the company's customers and the contracts concluded with them.
  • Provides permanent and simultaneous access to contractual data.
  • Uses a resource allocation calendar for by contracts and task schedules.
  • Allows the implementation of new workflows for changing and approving the contracts, based on the specifics of each single company.
  • Allows tracking the costs by contract.
  • Uses contract templates, reducing the routine work and saving valuable time for other activities.

Increases the quality of the provided services and improves the relationships with the customers

  • Allows tracking different types of contracts and provided services.
  • Allows the customization of rates and invoice schedules, depending on the category and customer history.
  • Provides different invoicing methods, such as flat price, milestones or completed percentage, advance as security, initial payment and equal installments or based on the execution schedule.
  • Includes quick support for invoicing and payment allocation to the customers.
  • Allows tracking and access to the entire repository of customers and their accounts.
  • Allows the management of confidential accounts.


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