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With the help of Collection software, both the financial services companies distributing or providing various services, as well as the companies specialized in collecting outstanding debts can manage the efforts of collecting debts in simple but exact steps: they identify debtors, create delinquency tickets, manage debtor accounts, track and complete the collection process.

Some of the customers who use Charisma Collection


Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the analysis time and increases the efficiency of the collectors

  • an efficient ticketing system for identifying debtors, grouping debtors based on delinquency level and creating delinquency tickets.
  • Automates the collection processes by closing and opening delinquency tickets based on the occurrence of payments into the system and closing the invoices.
  • Tracks the activity flows associated with the current accounts, as well as the access to the entire history of past collection processes, such as current status, completed steps, future step, debt amount, account owner or days past due.
  • Coordinates and delegates the step execution, simultaneously or dependently, according to individual abilities, thus optimizing the work of each responsible for debt collection. The system allows any responsible or participant to be notified during the collection process about the non-completed or future steps.
  • Simultaneously manages different processes and provides reports specialized on various processes:
    • Summary report of delinquency tickets. The reports show a summary of all open tickets, classified by status, owner, product type, with grouping functionalities.
    • Summary report of activities and efficiency. The system provides centralized data about all the activities related to the collection process. Therefore, the team leader, manager or coordinator can track how many activities are opened, the actions with due dates or who is responsible, thus assessing the performance of collection operators.

Optimizes collection operations and reduces internal costs

  • Eliminates manual work, both expensive and time consuming, needed for managing invoices and communication with customers with debts.
  • Provides a centralized information database with customers, contracts, invoices, associated payments or advance payments, securities, calculated penalties, debts, as well as DPD (days past due).
  • Offers a quick and consistent view on overdue accounts, including information regarding the interaction with the customer, contact conclusion, account distribution or promised amount.

Exceptional flexibility

  • Collection software allows the definition, customization and management of money collection strategies by means of notifying customers and setting terms to react on such notifications and to cover the debts (e.g. SMS – 1 day, phone call – 5 days, letter – 10 days).
  • The collection process includes steps, conditions, automated or manual actions, involved roles.
  • The platform supports advanced multi-language functions (the system was already localized in 4 international languages).  
  • Native integration with Charisma ERP 2011 and any other ERP information system.

Reduces customers' debts, optimizes the profit and improves the cash flow

  • Structured debt collection process, based on the specific of each organization.
  • Decreases the value of DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) indicator by decreasing the average number of days needed to turn the debts into cash.
  • Generates a fast return of investment thanks to low cost of ownership and quick implementation.


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"... Charisma Collection has provided us with a structured management of the entire debt collection process and also a correct customer information. ..."
Bogdan Mîrza,
Technical Director Charisma Business Applications
EFG Leasing


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