Call Center

Call Center module allows the company to contact clients from its data base in order to deliver surveys or to inform clients on a certain situation such as: residual payment amount, new rate payment possibilities etc.


  • Call Center module allows the visualization in one page of all data that is necessary to conduct the call center activity :
    • Company’s clients and partners – these are taken from Charisma data base;
    • The date they are contacted by call center agents;
    • Number of calls towards a client or partner;
    • Communication type used – this one is configurable, leaving the company the possibility to choose the appropriate communication type;
    • Number of the contract concluded with the client –the contract can be opened from this page, thus  allowing the call center agent to verify the clauses while discussing with the client;
    • Details regarding the information obtained or provided by the call.
  • The calls can be easily traced, even in large client data bases, by using the filters on the following pages:
    • Partners;
    • Communication type; 
    • Period;
    • Registration number;
    • Details.

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