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Charisma Billing for Utilities

Increased risk, changing regulations, price pressure, changes in market performance, infrastructure and technology upgrade, demanding shareholders - all these turn the energy and utilities industry into a complex environment, focused on competitiveness and efficient operation.

Be it electricity, water or gas, consumer’s concern relates only to the final product; however, there are extremely complex processes behind the generation, transmission and distribution of these services.

Charisma Billing is an end-to-end, multi-country, multi-location solution for metering and recording individual consumption of utilities, able to support any data volume and legislative framework.

The solution can operate both as standalone and bidirectional, through integration with any meter reading equipment and any ERP or CRM system. Moreover, the latest technology used in the application’s development allows operation of any database and provides a responsive scalable and dynamic interface, depending on the resolution and the device by means of which it is accessed (computer, tablet).

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Financial and operational benefits

Reduces operational costs
By centralizing information in a single database, the activity of extracting reports is significantly reduced, along with the operating costs. The solution provides quick ROI, regardless of the business area.

Increases customer satisfaction
So far, in addition to billing and service issues which were solved by a call center, customers interacted less with their utility providers. Things change and Charisma Billing helps companies approach customers by offering solutions that provide transparency on processes and best service options.

Ensures company’s performance
The information provided is intended for both project managers, as it easily provides an overview of the performance and efficiency of the activity, and company’s management who benefits from a real support regarding the operational process, so as to make the best decisions with minimal effort and, more important, timely.


  • Direct invoicing, based on contractual data;
  • Configurable formulas for calculating the contract value (taxes, tariffs, penalties);
  • Automatic generation of advance invoices, based on consumption forecast;
  • Client database management;
  • Configurable degrees of permissiveness for data validation;
  • Archiving past seasons data to save hardware resources and optimize access to operational data;
  • Full reporting with easily readable data in the form of tables customized, graphs and charts;
  • Possibility to download and print invoices by customers;

ERP System Integration

Charisma Billing can, as a system, operate both as standalone and bidirectional, integrated with Charisma ERP in accordance with the following operational flow:


Application modules

User management - provides the ability to add, edit and configure users who can act on the system.

  • The system is designed to work in granular operating divisions (branches, work locations, etc.);
  • Each user is assigned to a work location and is given the one or more specific roles;
  • Users of certain subsidiaries will have access only to that subsidiary’s data;
  • Depending on user’s role / roles, he has access to certain modules and specific functionalities;

Administration and configuration - all dictionaries involved in operational flows are fully configurable and manageable by system users

  • Residence management
  • Apartments allocation to branching counters;
  • For each branching counter, new created apartments can be added;
  • Apartment management
  • For each utility which has been configured in Charisma Billing a number of specific parameters can be configured, such as the status of metering, common consumption, area, number of people;
  • Apartments’ equipping can be broken down by utility, thus allowing individual management of each type;

STEP 0: Prerequisites (done at working point level by specialized users)

  • Manual reading templates are printed and dispatched to reading locations;
  • Data are exported to mobile reading devices;

STEP 1: Billing data preparation (done at working point by designated users)

  • Calculation period definition;
  • Provider price configuration;
  • Consumption values entering (from utility service provider);
  • Manual or automatic readings collection (indexes and consumed units);
  • Automated readings import from radio and remote readings files;

STEP 2: Reading validation and estimation

  • Readings validation – correction of the manual or automated readings;
  • Estimation at apartment or allocator level;
  • Management of calculation services;
  • Management of costs to be distributed;
  • Consumption calculation at apartment level – either manually or automatically;
  • Invoice generation;

Invoicing (including electronic invoicing)

  • Allows assignment of invoice numbers based on calculations;
  • Invoice printing;
  • Automatic export of invoices to Charisma ERP;


  • Allows printing templates of information gathering (before or during periods of calculation);
  • Post calculation - allows printing of all documents to be dispatched to recipients;

Monitoring and control

  • All the actions performed by users in the system are tracked and can be consulted by the system administrator;
  • The system provides users also operational reports and activity reports (calculations, printed sheets, etc.);

Technical Highlights

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008;
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 (C#, ASP.Net);
  • Microsoft Reporting Services 2008.


  • Users benefit from validation algorithms and algorithms checking for data integrity, to avoid data inconsistencies;
  • The system provides users with an advanced mechanism of action traceability;
  • The system can be accessed only based on username and password;
  • In terms of features, the system allows access based on role / roles assigned by the administrator.

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