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Charisma Analyzer Server

Charisma Analyzer Server is a collaborative business intelligence tool that is very easy to adopt and use. It is a faster alternative to traditional business intelligence solutions, which are slow and rigid. This is a new type of BI running 100 times faster. No increase in staff is required for the operation of this; users can train themselves free and get quick results.
Interactive web dashboards
Users have at hand an easy way to combine all the desired data and reports in a powerful, complete and updated in real time dashboard. Data and reports can be published on the Web, while filtering and trend analysis features are available directly from a browser.
With Charisma Analyzer Server, the transition from data tables and to interactive visualizations and dashboards is reached within just a few clicks. Colleagues, customers or partners have immediate access to useful information through a single login to a secure environment.
Fast access to a wide range of data
Charisma Analyzer Server transforms million rows of data in answers and conclusions, all in an extremely fast manner. At a click away, without technical training, data from the memory can be used and connected directly to the basic reports or data cubes.
Charisma Analyzer Server introduces the self-service concept in a Business Intelligence tool. The Company’s management has now all necessary tools to find the desired answers, while people are able to focus on the techniques of the corporate strategy. Any report change or new variables of the analysis, no longer require the involvement of several departments, but the end user. Thus, Charisma Analyzer Serveris the most efficient business intelligence platform.


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