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According to Gartner’s study published in February 2014, Tableau Software has emerged as a leader in key categories evaluated by users: usability, functionality, product quality, performance, support, customer relationship, business objectives and forecasts as a provider of Business Intelligence platform.

Faster, one click-away distance
Charisma Analyzer Desktop brings the advantage of high speed in processing and data visualization, providing more results with less effort. Just drag and drop and your analyses have changed. Then just a few more clicks and trends or critical points of the analysis are highlighted. So it is the case of filters, they are just a click-away distance. Users can rapidly modify analysis and identify the necessary information in the data already analyzed.
Charisma Analyzer Desktop ensures an accelerated analysis process   by using multiple data sources of different types and permanently changing. Whether you are using a direct connection to the database, OLAP cubes, data warehouse and in-memory data files on your PC, the business intelligence platform definitely improves the decision-making process. Thus, real business analysis based on current real data can be obtained in just a few seconds.
World leader in data visualization
According to Gartner’s study in February 2014, Tableau Software is the world’s leader in interactive data visualization for business analysis, their display in dashboards and delivery. The BI platform provides solutions and sets of analysis for each type of industry. From hospitals, IT companies or Human Resource ones, up to manufacturing companies or oil& gas suppliers, Charisma Analyzer Desktop analyzes any type of data. Data can be connected to maps afferent to different business areas, graphs and dashboards can be created, while colors, advanced computations or notes can be used, all in a flexible and easy manner.
Charisma Analyzer Desktop ensures the access to interactive data tables, correct data views, side-by-side comparisons and intuitive graphical encoding by using colors, dimensions and forms. Without any programming skill or technical training, users can consult and manage data bases in a flexible manner.
Years of research on the best way to display data, from color schemes, which emphasizes the significance of data, to an elegant design, which helps the users focus on what truly matters, are now available to users of Charisma Analyzer Desktop.
Cutting-edge technology
Charisma Analyzer Desktop revolutionizes the display method of data retrieved either from databases or files through an innovative technology that allows users to translate the actions of database into queries and then in graphical presentation of data results.
The five principles underlying the Charisma Analyzer Desktop visual data display and implemented by TM VizQL technology are the user-friendly interfaces, the easy to analyze and research data, the expressiveness and best practices in visualization, as well as the database’s independence.
An appropriate presentation of data helps companies organize and understand the information, explore new channels and explore data interactively.


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