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Business Intelligence Benefits

Charisma Analyzer is able to meet any business requirement only by dragging-and-dropping data into a visual page. Intuitive graphs, reports and dashboards can be created. Also, everything that is created can be rapidly published. The features brought by Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software provides users with multiple possibilities to interact and create more efficiently and rapidly reports and data packages through queries, displays, analyses, filters, sorting, grouping, drill-down, drill-up (in-depth or higher level analysis), calculation, sums and totals.   

With the help of Tableau Software features, Charisma Analyzer provides access to approved employees to interactive data, reports and dashboard displays.

Analyzes rapidly and visually data packages
Rapid data display and understanding
How well do you control what is happening with your business?
Charisma Analyzer helps you respond quickly to such questions through direct access to interactive and real-time analysis, the possibility of creating and modifying charts, reports and dashboards. These views are fundamentally more useful for the analysis than those included in the system as standard reports and traditional dashboards.
Charisma Analyzer provides access to interactive databases, proper data displays, side-by-side comparisons, as well as intuitive graphical encoding features by using colors, dimensions and forms. Users can consult and manage databases without any prior programming or training effort. 
Scenarios/ hidden problems filtering and identification
Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software helps the company discover scenarios and hidden problems through performance indicators, summaries, trends, drill down features and access to information filtered exactly according to the user’s interest. All graphs, scorecards, tabular views, charts and reports are configurable and flexible to customized analysis.
In-depth navigation and exploration of data
Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software is a leader in terms of navigation facilities and flexible use of databases. The key to success is given by the access to a complete overview of the company, with extended facilities for the areas of interest.

Creates complex reports and analysis models
Pivot and Cross-tab
Without any prior training, users can create “Q&A” sessions. They can use only the connection to the database and the drag-and-drop features to create multi-dimensional cross-tabs.
Such an analysis highlights not only critical aspects (such as “expenses are increasing”), but also answers additional questions (such as “Which products/ departments are responsible for this increase?”).
Query and Result
Charisma Analyzer is a query and front-end analysis tool for databases. It can be connected to relational databases and files (.xls, .txt) or multiple OLAP cubes, helping users with no technical background in SQL and MDX to create analysis and reports that add value to the data collected.


Planned vs. Achieved Sales

Data access methods tailored to different needs
Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software can connect to various data sources such as Microsoft Office, SQL databases, CSV files, Analysis Server, Tableau Data Extract or other multi-dimensional data bases.

Creates interactive dashboards
Intuitive and easy dashboards
Charisma Analyzer creates dashboards that communicate directly and concisely. Each element on the dashboard – bar and line diagrams, maps, tables and scatter plots – provides information in the most efficient manner, only due to adoption and usability features of Tableau Software.
Monitoring and control
Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software provides all instruments necessary for the creation of analytical dashboards in order to compare information and track the performance according to objectives. These dashboards can rely on various data sources, are entirely interactive, in such a way that data can be tracked directly from this interface. Moreover, partial or available filters can be applied.
Interactivity and drill-down
The need to analyze in detail critical aspects is covered by Charisma Analyzer with filters at dashboard level, bookmarks and drill-downs. 

Publishes information an reports for interaction
The reports generated and data analyses can be quickly and easily imported in Microsoft Office applications, creating thus a greater impact for the presentations. Only with a browser and identification data, various users can see and have access to detailed reports, reviews, related graphics and dashboards. 
Excellent references
Tableau Software technology is available in 90 countries and has more than 50,000 users in 17 belonging to 14 activity fields ranging from retail, banking, insurances up to medical, media and constructions. Among international companies benefiting from the advantages brought by Tableau Software the following can be distinguished: Citigroup, The World Bank, Heineken, Procter & Gamble, The Coca Cola Company, Sanofi Aventis, New York Times, Toyota, General Motors, General Electric or Pepsi Bottling Group.


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