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Why send your resume to TotalSoft

A flag brand in the field of information solutions for business
With over 15 years of experience, TotalSoft is one of the leaders of the Romanian IT industry, involved in the development and supply of complex business solutions and services. Our offer is to open up your possibilities to build with us the most sounding Romanian success at regional level on the segment of complex business solutions. A career based on implementing the winning solution is up to you.

Managerial transparency
The relation with your direct manager was and will always be a key factor in motivating and retaining the employees. This is why TotalSoft adopts a culture for the periodic assessment of the management related to the employees' satisfaction. Through an open and friendly culture, through “open doors” policy, by treating the colleagues with respect and dignity we are committed to positively answer to the individual needs of every employee.

Dynamic and professional work environment
Agility is the attribute the TotalSoft's success is based on. You have the chance to work in a professional, dynamic and creative work environment, where the individual performance is appreciated and recognized at company level, each year. The performance of our employees harmoniously combines with a relaxing work atmosphere, due to flexible working hours.

Expertise training
In TotalSoft you have the chance of professional training through actual results-oriented programs. Only by active participation in actual, wide scope projects, together with a consultant with relevant expertise in your field of activity, you can acquire knowledge in a short while. Additionally, each year the performers of each business direction benefit from professional trainings abroad. Come to us and build an unequalled professional career.

The possibility to publish articles in professional magazines
Few companies can offer you the possibility to publish articles and case studies using your personal signature. TotalSoft doesn’t only encourage you but also provides you with different source of information and magazines dedicated to the business environment in order to help you build a reputation within the narrow circle of experts in business complex solutions, or to join in the wide community of IT professionals.

Attending professional conferences
TotalSoft offers you the possibility to attend seminaries, workshops, product launches or different professional conferences. Thus you can access the latest information and technology, you have the chance to exchange information and views with other consultants or experts in the field.

Information – the necessary resource for professional development
The weekly workshops of research and analysis regarding the applicability of the latest development technologies will offer you the possibility to contribute and to add value to your colleagues or to increase your value. Additionally, TotalSoft offers subscriptions to various business or professional magazines, in order to stay in permanent contact with the market changes. Thus, you have access to the latest worldwide technologies, you can participate to information projects that will change the future of the Romanian society.

A motivational culture
TotalSoft understands the specifics and complexity of the IT field. We understand the dynamics of the workforce and the permanent change of our employees' needs. This is why we regularly conduct analyzes for assessing the wishes and needs of the employees. The rent sports room, water, juice and coffee machines within the company's site, a special ventilated smoking area, relaxing room, fully equipped canteen, air conditioning, access to Internet, e-mail and unlimited real-time communication systems – all these prove the care TotalSoft treats the motivation and commitment of all its employees.

Relaxing teambuildings
The teambuildings organized in the most beautiful sites in Romania are already part of TotalSoft culture. Improving the communication between team members, increasing teams solidarity, having an ideal and functional model to be followed by all people - these are only several from the objectives TotalSoft aims.

Social life – an essential component in developing the individual personality
TotalSoft Day, celebrating the women on 1st and 8th of March, children's Christmas party or the Christmas party for the employees are only a few of the key moments in the company's life; with these occasions, the over 400 employees have the opportunity to highlight their individual personality.

Last but not least, an attractive package
TotalSoft is defined by flexibility, receptivity and adaptability to the workforce market changes. The salary packages have increased year by year, and we know that these will continue to increase. We additionally offer:

Quarterly or annual bonuses, based on performance

  • Funding for the favorite catering company
  • Medical insurance (dental office)
  • Access to fitness and massage room
  • English courses

If we convinced you, please send your resume to jobs@totalsoft.ro .


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